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We would love to help you shape your future career. Why not get in touch so that we can find out exactly what makes you tick and find you a role that ticks the right boxes?

Our commitment

We will work with you to find a role that ticks your boxes. You are the most important resource with have as without top talent, we have nothing. We recognise this and our commitment to you is that we will always remember this. You control your future, you get to make the decisions, we are here to help your career unfold the way that is right for you.

How we will help

Once we have understood what you are looking for, we will find you opportunities that meet these requirements. We will take the time to explain why we think any opportunity we share is a good match for you and why we think you might like the employer.
We will never push a role on you that isn’t the right shape or size. If we think there is an employer you would like (or you tell us about one), but they aren’t currently recruiting we will work with them to see if an opportunity can be created.
Once you have found the right role, we hope to maintain the relationship with you to ensure it turns out how we hoped. We will check in from time to time to make sure you are doing ok (but won’t be offended if you want us to just leave you to it!). If there are things that you don’t like or are not as you expected we are happy to facilitate discussions with your new employer to see what changes can be made.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about technology. We like self starters who are able to think about problems and identify solutions. We want people who are embracing the future and not hanging on to legacy ways of doing things.
Our client partners are always keen to speak to experienced and talented IT professionals across the full spectrum of technical disciplines within cloud and data technology.
Skills and experience that we are particularly focused on include those using Cloud, Platform Technologies, Blockchain, IoT, Cyber Security, Data Utilisation and APIs.
Roles that we often recruit for include project & programme managers, programmers, testers, business analysts, DevOps, solution architects, technical architects, developers, data scientists and security experts.

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Please get in touch to discuss our latest opportunities with some of the most exciting companies to work for in the UK.
If you are in a hurry, attach your CV and we’ll take a look and get in touch. A little more time? Why not complete your profile so that we have a better idea of who you are and can find opportunities more suited to your individual needs?